Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork Healing Techniques

 Ho’ono ho’iwi – known as Bone Washing

Hawaiian Bone washing is an ancient form of therapeutic massage used to aid the process of clearing and releasing “memories/ cherished wounds” along with the corresponding physical and emotional pain. The Hawaiian healer saw the periosterum, the skin of the human bone, as the cache where memory of physical movement, memory of painful emotions and memory of abuse lurk.

These memories store up one after the other like rocks that eventually become mountains but those memories can be released through hands on healing known Ho’ono ho’iwi. The treatment is received fully clothed with the intention of focusing and releasing. By moving the fingers between the muscles around the bones, it directs energy to clear out the energy of the remembered wounds.The pressure is light, be deeply relaxing and can assist in emotional healing.

Therapist: Karen Rome


Kahi Loa is a form of Shamanic Vibrational Energy Healing Massage which was preserved by native Hawaiians primarily from the islands of Linai and Kauai. This gentle technique originates in Polynesia and was known as ” Magic Hands”. Also referred to as ” Oneness through the Moving or Flowing of Sacred Energy”.

There are 7 elements – fire, water, air, stone, plants, animals and human spirit. Kahi Loa is a wonderful relaxing yet powerful way to shift peoples energy, release blocks and open and align mind, body and spirit. The elements of nature work reminds us of our inter-connectedness and mutual love. Kahi in Hawaiian means a light touch, fire and unity. It is therefore a fully clothed massage of gentle, smooth, stroking motions  divided into seven parts and releases the tension within the body. The touch affects the skin which gets relaxed and gives the signal for the mind and rest of the body to let go and relax too.

Therapist: Karen Rome