Karen Rome Session times & Fees

Special packages are available for all therapies – pay for 4 and book 5 sessions so you will have a  session for free. Packages sessions should be booked at first session but can be changed. 

Please note ….All special packages must be used up within the year so you can book weekly, fortnightly , monthly or even 2 monthly but all 5 sessions must be completed within the year otherwise you will forfeit any remaining sessions.

  • Session Times and Fees – Please note that the times stated include time to undress, get comfortable and dress again at the end of the session. 

For a fuller description of the therapies and workshops, please click on her websites below

Please contact her directly to book your appointments or to discuss any of the therapies








Aromatherapy Massage

1 hour session – Abdominal for digestive & menstrual problems –£55

1 hour session – back, shoulders, neck & scalp massage –£60

1 hour session – Back of leg & back massage –£60

1 hour session – leg and foot massage (both sides)  –£60

90 minute session – full body ( excluding head and feet) – £70

2 hour session – full body massage including head and feet – £80



Aromatherapy Pregnancy Massage

Full Body including head and feet – 2 hours – £80 – ( Tummy strokes optional )
Full Body as above with Reiki healing – 3 hour postnatal pamper session – £100
Full body minus head and feet – 90 minutes – £70
Legs, feet and back only – 1 hour – £60
Back, sacrum, neck and scalp – 1 hour – £60



Aloha Lomi Lomi Facial Massage with Hawaiian Healing Pamper Combo
The Ultimate deeply relaxing Facial, head, neck and shoulders massage using my own natural oils Skin care Range with Amethyst and Quartz Crystals and Hawaiian Healing
2 hour Session – £90



Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage (Temple Nui Style)

60 minute Back, arms and scalp Lomi massage – £60

90 minute Lomi Lomi Massage – £70

2 hour full body Lomi Lomi Massage – £80

2 1/2 Full Body Lomi Lomi with hot Lava Stones – £105

3 hour Lomi Lomi – the “Ultimate Pamper and Nurturing Massage Package” including Hot Lava Stones, working with the 4 Element strokes (Fire, Water, Wind and Stone ) with some Healing – £120



Pregnancy side-lying style  Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

90 minute side-lying Pregnancy style Lomi Lomi (minus head and feet) – £70

2 hours full body Pregnancy style Lomi Lomi Massage – £80

1 hour Pregnancy style Legs, back and feet only – £60

1 hour Pregnancy style Back, sacrum, neck and scalp – £60


Hawaiian Energetic Bodywork ( Healing Sessions)

* KAHI LOA – assisting the flow of energy

1 hour – £55

90 minute session – £70

2 hour Kahi Loa and some added hands on healing – £80


* BONE WASHING – Clearing & Releasing

90 minutes – £70

2 hours Bone Washing and some extra hands on healing – £80



Fertility Womb Massage for ladies and 

Male Digestive and Stress Relief Fertility Massage

Men need only come for the 1 hour or 90 minute Stressbuster sessions

First session with full consultation in person – 2 hours – £80

and thereafter 90 minutes with discussion or if you fill in form and do online consultation – £70

 1 hour with massage only ( after first session) – £60

2 hour Stressbuster Fertility Massage and head and shoulders with Reiki or neck, shoulders and foot massage – £80

2 hour Fertility Massage and Reflexology – £100

2 hour Male Abdominal massage, Reflexology and Reiki Package – £100



Reflexology ( including Fertility Reflexology)

1 hour session with foot massage with essential oils – £55

90 minute session with foot massage with essential oils and some Reiki – £70

2 hour Reflexology and Reiki Stress-buster –£80



Reiki / Karuna Reiki Healing

60 minute Reiki session  – £50

90 minute Reiki session  – £70



Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

First session needs to be a 2 hour session for consultation and time  – £100

Clients coming for regular sessions after the initial session – 1 hour sessions – £70

CBT with some Reiki session – 90 minute session £85

CBT and Reiki session – 2 hour session £100

CBT and Hypnotherapy – 2 hour session – £100

CBT and Reflexology – 2 hour session – £110



Traumatic Birth Recovery Process  – the 3 Step Rewind Programme 

I prefer to do steps 1 and 2 of the programme in a 2 hour session and provide you with a CD to listen to at home then a follow up 1 hour session for part 3 of the programme. One Fee paid at the initial session – £100



Hypnotherapy–  ( includes a free CD recording of your session )

I require an e-mail to romekaren931@gmail.com prior to the first session with reference to the issues that we will be working on so that I can prepare instead of using the hour session for consultation/ discussion.

Hypnotherapy – 1 hour session  – £70

Weight-loss Hypnotherapy – single 1 hour session – £70

Hypnotherapy with some Reiki – 90 min session – £85

Hypnotherapy and Reiki – 2 hour session £100

Hypnotherapy with Reflexology –  2 hour session – £110

Hypnotherapy with CBT, NLP or EFT -2 hour  – £110



Hypnotherapy & Reflexology Packagefor boosting fertility, and working with weight-loss and low self-esteem issues ……4 x 2 hour sessions…. all appointments must be pre-booked and full payment on first appointment  –£400

 * Please note ….All special packages must be used up within the year so you can book weekly, fortnightly , monthly or even 2 monthly but all 5 sessions must be completed within the year otherwise you will forfeit any remaining sessions.


Emotional Freedom Technique

1 hour EFT session  – £70

2 hour EFT session – £100

90 minute session – EFT with some Reiki session  – £85
2 hour session EFT and Reiki session – £100



Smoking Cessation Programme

2 hour Smoking Cessation programme – utilising some CBT to look at your emotional need for smoking, then addressing the habit by replacing it with something else , then enhancing that ‘new way of thinking’ with Hypnotherapy.

Personalised session plus CD  – £100



Weight-loss Programmes

* Please note that for any of the HypnoBand Weight Loss Programmes , you are required to book a FREE 30 minute session to discuss your suitability to the Programme or we can discuss via e-mails if more convenient.



HypnoBand Weight Loss Programme

The whole process takes five x 1 hour sessions. Usually this is achieved over 6-8 weeks but this is flexible depending on your progress. The full fee must be paid and appointments booked at the initial Talking session (2 hour ) plus the four x 1 hour Hypnotherapy sessions – this includes your Hypnotherapy session CD’s  – £360

Session 1 – Discussing your past dieting history, cravings, habits, expectations and behaviours/ habits to be changed.  ( Talking aspect of Programme )

Session 2 – Changing Behaviours ( Hypnosis )

Session 3 – Preparation for Surgery ( Hypnosis )

Session 4 – HypnoBand Gastric Band Operation ( Hypnosis )

Session 5 – Adjusting the Gastric Band ( Hypnosis )



HypnoBand and HappyWeight Combined Programme

There will be the Initial Full Consultation to determine your needs and how much weight you need to lose, your expectations and also within what time-frame – it may be that you are losing weight for a special occasion or a holiday…..and to work out a personalised Programme according to your needs and lifestyle….. or it could be for health reasons if you are due to have an operation.

* The combined Programme is the HypnoBand Hypnosis sessions plus CBT and/or Hypnotherapy to address cravings, anxiety, emotional eating, poor self-esteem and confidence issues.

Then another 4 sessions of 2 hour Blocks. We will complete the Combined Programme in 5 x 2 hour sessions. I prefer to work in 2 hour blocks where we can combine both Programmes.

The Fee for the 5 sessions – £500



HypnoBand and Reflexology Combined Programme

Ideal for assistance with hormonal imbalance, IBS and food Intolerances, Bloating and other digestive problems affected by diet and stress – 5 sessions of 2 hour Blocks which will cover Hypno-Band Hypnotherapy sessions,talking aspect and Reflexology  – £500



Fertile Body Method – Visualisations for Conception

Individual sessions or as a Programme depending on whether you just have a few personal issues that you’d like to address or are about to embark upon IVF treatment – working with issues related to Fertility and Infertilty utilising Hypnosis and Visualisations – see her website for more information about the 6 key stages of the Programme

Full Programme – 6 sessions – £380 ( a saving of £30)

1 hour  – £70

1 ½ hour sessions  – £90

2 hour sessions or Couple sessions  – £100