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Shiatsu is finger pressure massage, it is a powerful form of bodywork that is relaxing, re-balancing and re-energising. It is great for de-stressing or it can be used to treat a wide variety of chronic and acute health conditions. It works with Traditional Chinese Medicine using acupoints and energy meridians to treat physical, emotional and mental problems.

The therapist will take a detailed case history first to build an impression of your condition, frequently a series of seemingly unrelated symptoms will tie together through Chinese Medicine. Each treatment will then be designed to give you the most benefit and relief from symptoms.

Shiatsu is done through clothing whilst lying on a comfortable futon on the floor, or if mobility is an issue a massage table or massage chair can be used. You will receive palming and finger pressure along lines in the body to help you relax and rebuild your energy and loosen areas of tension. Depending on the problem stretches may be used and you may be given advice to help you resolve the condition. The longer you have had a problem then the slower it may be to be resolved.

Appointments can be for 30 mins for local problems or for children

1 hour for a full appointment

Therapists:  Gaēlle Conjaud    Laura Davison    

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