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Shiatsu is a Japanese form of hands-on Healing that uses acupressure via palms and fingers to stimulate and nourish the energy of the body.

We work with the Acupuncture meridians and points.

Shiatsu can be used to de-stress, relax as well as helping you in dealing with more serious conditions or issues.

During a Shiatsu session the therapist will want to hear from you what s/he can help you with and then the hands-on treatment  follows.

Shiatsu is connected to and grew out of the richness of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The understanding of the 5 Elements and how patterns of Health and Disease manifest are useful tools in helping you heal yourself or simply live a healthier life. Each of the organs not only has a physical function, but also influences how we think and feel.

Typically, when the Spleen/Pancreas is tired we tend to feel one or more of the following, namely, feeling tired and heavy, worried, with an inability to concentrate and maybe also loose stools. By contacting the Spleen/Pancreas energy we tonify the organ and the symptoms become obsolete.

Shiatsu works on physical, emotional and mental levels and can link symptoms that otherwise seem unrelated. Shiatsu is done through clothing, so wear something loose and comfortable, each treatment is unique to your needs on the day.

Shiatsu is a powerful form of bodywork that is relaxing, rebalancing and re-energising. It can be used to maintain health or to treat a wide variety of conditions.

Recommendations to help you improve your health can accompany a session.

Appointments can be for 30 mins to treat a local area or full appointments are 1 hour.


Therapists: Laura Davison    Martin Julich     Kay Marino

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