Laura Davison Session times & Fees

Laura is currently a director of the Rosemount Centre for Complementary Therapies.

She is also the Principal of Aberdeen School of Shiatsu, as well as a Practitioner and Teacher of Shiatsu. Over the years of her self development, she has also gained registration as a Spiritual Healer, as a Craniosacral Therapist and in La Stone massage. She uses the insights from these disciplines to enhance her professional practice and her teaching.

Laura has taken a great interest in health through food over many years and she passes on the knowledge to support her clients. With 40 years experience Laura has dealt with a wide range of clients with a host of medical conditions and has a great deal of experience to bring to your assistance, whether you are seeking relaxation or to deal with a specific condition or support whilst receiving medical treatment. She has worked at CLAN (Cancer Link Aberdeen & the North) for over 8 years and has a great deal of experience in working cancer at all stages

She can help you both with the treatments and through suggestions of self help techniques and lifestyle to optomise your health.

She started to train in Shiatsu in 1982. This rapidly led to her achieving the qualifications to teach the subject while she built up her practice in Aberdeen. Over the years, Laura’s skills, knowledge and academic abilities have formulated a comprehensive and excellent syllabus for the Shiatsu Training with Aberdeen School of Shiatsu, which continues to be supported and developed by her and her staff.

Laura has served as a director of the Shiatsu Society and she has shared her great enthusiasm for Shiatsu with the wider public by means of talks on local radio and appearances on national television.

With this great wealth of skill, ability and experience, she has a very clear insight into Energy Work and strives to help others develop their talents.

Payment by Cash, Cheque or Bank transfer.;

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60 minute session – £55

30 minutes session – £30

30 minutes Craniosacral Therapy for Children from 1-13 – £30

30 minutes Craniosacral Therapy for Babies – £20


30 minute session – £35


60 minute La Stone Massage – £55

90 minute La Stone Massage – £75