Craniosacral Therapy

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Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on therapy that helps aid the bodies natural healing capacity.

The therapist uses light pressure to tune in via the connective tissue and the rhythm of the cerebral spinal fluid to areas of pain or tension and to help them to relax.

The therapist works on the whole body, though initial contact is via the head, diaphram and sacrum.

It is frequently used on babies with colic or after traumatic births and is suitable for all ages and conditions.Trauma and pain can be stuck in the connective tissue causing decreased physical functioning.

During a session the therapist will help those tissues to unwind, thus freeing the held energy and allowing the body to reshape itself.

In this process the therapist listens to the tension or trauma, following its energetic pull and encouraging a letting go.  It works gently on back problems and problems from falls and accidents. It helps to unwind tension and creates space within the body through its gentle movements.

Treatments are very relaxing and may also release emotions that have been held in from past trauma.

Initial appointment is for 1 hour.

Children and babies need 30 minutes.


Therapist: Laura Davison

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