Karen Rome – Client Reviews


Had a treatment done by Karen very relaxing highly recommended * Tommy, Aberdeen

I visited Karen for Hypnotherapy and Reiki over various visits and found her to be excellent. The sessions were really good and she definitely has an ability to help you relax and get the most out of the session. The Reiki was my first experience of that and I really loved it, very relaxing and felt in much better spirits following my visit. Craig, Aberdeen

I experienced the Lomi Lomi massage this week and just loved it. It is complete and utter indulgence. Karen is so warm, friendly and knowledgeable. I came out feeling so relaxed, good about myself and being a woman. Highly recommend. Sandra, Stonehaven

I have had many massage treatments from Karen over the years. She is at all times professional and her massage technique is fantastic. A number of my treatments were when I really needed a lift and I always felt so much happier and more positive after each session. I would definitely recommend Karen as a massage therapist. Gordon, Huntly

Central location, easily accessible by bus or car and friendly therapists who know their stuff n make you feel relaxed and at ease. Received Lomi Lomi as a gift I didn’t doubt for a minute it would be good as Karen is a beautiful soul, full of love and empathy, a truly unique therapist ( I’ve done courses n had various other treatments in the past) This is by far the gentlest most relaxing massage ever totally blissed out xXx Morag Rollo

Can highly recommend Karen and her services. She was professional, very friendly and made our experience a positive one. Lynne Bowie

Karen Rome offers incredible treatments. I love her Lomi Lomi Massage, it is quite simply amazing. This is an extremely relaxing and intimate massage for women and is a wonderful way to reconnect with your own body and to completely relax with someone else’s touch. I felt very safe and held. This massage is unlike any I have experienced before and it left me feeling completely de-stressed and contented. The healing I received during this treatment was definitely the strongest and most profound I have ever experienced. My body was quite simply soaking in the energy coming through her hands like a sponge. I turned up to see Karen in perhaps one of the most distressed and rundown states ever. The shift in my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body was so remarkable that I am still feeling the positive vibes weeks afterwards and am really looking forward to my next session. Thank you Karen, you are one very special and gifted lady. Highly recommended. Karen, Aberdeenshire

Today was so good, surrendering to the expert touch of Karen and the sensual aroma of coconut oil and relaxing massage. I was tense at the start but eventually gave in to the flow and enjoyed the Lomi Lomi Massage very much. Absolutely loved it thank you very much. Walking tall … feeling good …that coconut is even better than my Calvin Klein aftershave !! Graham, Aberdeen

Wow! … What an amazing two-hour experience for my first visit. From the outset I was made to feel comfortable and at ease, the room was warm, secure and peaceful; and Karen explained about the Lomi Lomi massage and process in detail as being a connection of mind and body. The massage itself combined the pressure of a deep tissue massage with the strokes of Swedish massage, and I soon realised Lomi was very different from traditional methods I’ve experienced that work in sections, as it flows across and under the entire body in relaxing random sweeping patterns. I quickly lost track of time allowing my mind to stop thinking about where the massage was going next, but instead to “let go” and fully relax… Karen is an amazing therapist who is passionate about what she does and afterwards I really felt light the whole day and so energized!
There is a lot to be said for embracing well-being therapy and getting a Lomi Lomi massage from Karen is a great place to start. Totally highly recommended. Thank you, Karen. James Bolland, Aberdeen

Having been to Karen for a couple of other therapies I decided to also go for an aromatherapy massage on my back and shoulders. Karen was great – just what was needed for reducing the tension in my back and shoulders (which were more tense than I had even realised!) The environment at the centre is ideal and left feeling far more relaxed. Highly recommended. Mr M, Aberdeen

I have been to see Karen for some relaxation massages and it has been excellent, she is very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Karen as it has been a big help for me!! Keith Stewart

Great treatment very relaxing x Lorraine Pratt

I had a Lomi Lomi massage for the first time this week end…fantastic massage! I have also done reflexology and reiki with Karen and love it too but the Lomi Lomi was quite different. I felt so connected to my body after and happy to be a woman 🙂 Highly recommended that’s a massage that will make you feel good. Julie McRae

I always feel so welcome and accomadate.There are therapies for every need.Love the place.I had the Lomi Lomi massage with Karen Rome.It was wonderful. Marion Robertson

I enjoyed the Lomi Lomi massage from Karen Rome a truly relaxing experience. The room was lovely and warm the massage with coconut oil was a beautifully peaceful blissful time. The underbody strokes were a pleasurable part of the session …very warm. I highly recommend Karen to give Lomi Lomi massage. Gwen Alexander

I had a fabulous Lomi Lomi massage today from Karen. This is a very different style of massage to what I have had before, but Karen took time at the start to explain what to expect and once she started I soon found myself drifting away and relaxing into the massage. The technique involves her massaging your front and back at the same time which at first I was not sure about at first but soon found myself relaxing into it as it was absolutely Devine 💕 The long sweeping motions of this massage whisk you away as you completely surrender to the massage. I left feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards and will definitely be booking this again. Will definitely be having this again 💕 Michelle McHardy

Yesterday I had a Hawaiian Lomi massage with Karen and can honestly say it left me as relaxed as I could possibly be. I felt as if i was on a different plain. The massage itself felt unusual in that it uses a different technique to what I’d been used to previously but because Karen explain it so well beforehand I soon submitted and melted my way through the session. Karen has such a beautiful calming manner and I felt really honoured to have her spend her time nurturing me. I have used the Rosemount Centre several times and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for complimentary therapies. Angela Walker

Had my 1st Kahi Loa shamanic healing treatment with Karen Rome yesterday and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Karen explained the procedure thoroughly before we started, explaining it was done fully clothed, like Reiki or Shiatsu as oppose to a skin touch massage. The different strokes and techniques transported me into a totally relaxed blissful state right from the start, even the face ring on the couch didn’t bother me as she put some cloth over it to stop my face getting sweaty and sticking to it.
Felt the stress n tensions quickly wash away as I saw myself as an eagle soaring high, totally free as the wind blew through my feathers as Karen swept the stress and tension off of my physical body, it felt truly magical. If she hadn’t asked me softly to turn onto my back I think I would have fallen asleep as I was already in a deep meditative state. As I relaxed onto my back all I could see was the most amazing bright purple glowing and radiating from behind my closed eyes and felt Karen doing gentle strokes down the front of my body as i felt the energy move the stress and tension down my body and out through my feet, leaving me feeling light and energized. She gave me ample time to come back to myself, integrating my experience into this reality as she went and got me some water.
When I left I was amazed at how light and relaxed I felt, having felt so heavy as if the world was on my shoulders before I went in. Was releasing through yawning for quite a while afterwards. Had a lovely rejuvenating sleep that night and awoke feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed, even my teenage son holding me up the next morning didn’t phase me i just took it in my stride!
Huge heartfelt thank you for a beautifully relaxing treatment Karen in a warm safe place to totally let go. I booked another appointment the next day! Highly recommend a treatment from Karen as she truly works from the heart and loves what she does so you feel the love flowing through her treatments. A very gentle, loving, caring soul. Thank You Karen you’re a Star Mo, Peterculter

Kahi Loa with some Bone Washing, Karen explained in full the principles of both of the above healing sessions, which sounded wonderful and something I definitely wanted to try. Karen is a very professional and caring therapist and put me at ease straight away. The room had a lovely feel to it. I felt relaxed straight away especially when I sank into the very comfortable treatment bed. We started with Kahi Loa a gentle healing treatment. I felt very safe. Karen’s touch was gentle and I could feel the warmth in her hands as she worked. I could feel something shifting in my body which she explained was a release of energy moving around. My session also covered bone washing (I thought how is she going to wash my bones)! The movements were very gentle. Karen picked up on a problem I hadn’t told her about and worked gently on that area. I was very aware of definite shifts in my body energy. I would certainly recommend these treatments. Maggie ,Aberdeen


Loved my pregnancy Lomi Lomi massage today will definitely be back post baby for another relaxing session thank you Karen x Kristina Teasdale, Aberdeen

I received a fabulous Reflexology foot massage from Karen a day after my due date and less than 12 hours later I was in labour! It was a spontaneous delivery and she even predicted confidently the sex of our baby, a boy! I am very pleased with the service I received from Karen ⛥⛥⛥⛥⛥ 5 massive stars! Gabrielle Churchill, Aberdeen

I had Reflexology with Karen during my pregnancy it was amazing so relaxing and eased all my aches and pains! I also had my Placenta encapsulated by Karen her service was second to none, I received my pills within 24 hours and everything was made hassle free. Karen was fantastic at answering all my questions with her lovely personality and vast knowledge. I would 100% recommend her services, thank you Karen! Harri Campbell


Traumatic Birth Recovery 3 Step Rewind Programme. Although overjoyed to be pregnant with my second baby I instantly felt anxious and scared for the birth. After a very medicalised 1st birth that ended in emergency C-section, I felt myself panicking for what was ahead. During the 1st session we talked about my experience and rewind it like it was a movie to turn it into a more positive experience. This instantly made me believe that I was not a failure the 1st time round and made me able to believe the second birth could be positive. During the 2nd session I visualised everything going how I would want it to. Focused on having a happy pregnancy and feeling positive about the coming birth. Karen is amazing! She has helped me completely change my outlook of how my second birth will be and I can now enjoy my pregnancy and be excited for the arrival of my second baby. Gail, Aberdeen

I did not have a positive birth experience with my son, and carried a lot of worry and fear regarding ever becoming pregnant again. When I fell pregnant with my daughter, I decided I wanted a positive, happy, natural experience, and I got just that!!

I am without doubt that it definately made my birth far easier than my first experience. I used the Relaxation, and Hypnobirthing techniques to allow a positive drug free, natural birth, unlike my very medicalised first birth. I will be forever grateful to Karen for being such a fantastic coach. She is friendly, relaxed and makes you feel at ease when ever you are in her company. Jen Brown – Aberdeen


Hi Karen, I just wanted to let you know that my frozen cycle worked and I’m now 13 weeks pregnant! Thank you for helping me relax! Rebecca – Aberdeen

Trying to put into a few short words the many ways in which the CBT, Reiki and Reflexology helped me is impossible !! I wouldn’t be understating things to say that with Karen’s help and support, my life was truly changed. Our end goal of a pregnancy and birth were achieved, but there were so many other benefits too. Over a year has passed since my last treatment and I still say to myself “What would Karen say?” during times of stress !! She is a positive and calm voice in my head. Julie Gellatly

I found Karen at a time when I was searching for ways to help not only with my fertility but with my general wellbeing. My fertility journey has been an emotional rollercoaster having been able to conceive naturally however then suffering from recurrent miscarriages for which no cause could be determined. This not only impacted my general emotional state but had led to changes with my cycle from irregular periods to no periods to, very sore and light periods. I was exploring natural therapies that had been shown to help fertility issues when a friend suggested that I contacted Karen. I didn’t know what to expect and was very nervous attending my first appointment but was willing to try anything that may help. Karen was fantastic from the onset; she was professional, supportive, calming and explained everything before starting any treatment. She made me feel at ease. I had decided to try the massages for 3 months to see how they helped and to monitor my cycle to see if there were any changes. I have to say I was blown away by how effective they were for me; not only did they help remove scar tissue from my womb but my cycles become more regular.

Karen is such a good listener and is so supportive the regular sessions also helped with my mental wellbeing and kept me calm. After 5 months of seeing Karen for a monthly massage I was over the moon to find out I was pregnant again. It was an emotional time and during the first trimester my emotions were all over the place from being excited to feeling very anxious. I saw Karen for a massage every 2 weeks initially during this time to keep my stress levels at a minimum and they really did help keep me calm. I am now entering the third trimester and have been seeing Karen for monthly pregnancy massages which I feel have made a huge difference by keeping me calm and relaxed and thus allowing me to enjoy my much longed for healthy pregnancy. I highly recommend Karen to anyone suffering from fertility issues, it can be such an isolating journey which is an emotional rollercoaster and having Karen’s support in addition to the benefits of the massage has made a real difference to me. Nicola, Aberdeen


My husband and I had the pleasure to have Karen Rome for a full weekend in an amazing Hypnobirthing workshop. Karen is a great teacher, patient and kind. Karen has a really deep knowledge and knows what she is talking about. I was looking for a course like this because I was feeling really insecure to give birth to my first baby and now I am full of confidence. If you are looking for someone to bring you all the information you need and even more, to bring you confidence and all the tools to have a beautiful labour, Karen is the one!! Thank you Karen! Evelyn & Leandro, Aberdeen

Hypnobirthing is incredible. I cannot recommend it enough. Genuinely, if I can do it anyone can. I really suprised myself. I was anxious about the birth of my 2nd child. So my husband and I attended Hypno birthing classes with Karen. The class was great, we learned lots, it was such a lovely couple of days and it really made us feel prepared. We also came away feeling like a team. I practiced the methods taught and used them on the day. It was amazing how controlled and calm we managed to welcome our baby into the world. It really was remarkable. We can’t recommend it enough. It was a fantastic experience, I also believe it’s contributed to be recovery too. This was a fantastic gift to have. Jenna Gravier

I recently attended Karen’s Hypnobirthing course to prepare for the birth of my first baby. It was fantastic, Karen had posted me out a Hypnobirthing book before the course started so I could familiarise myself with the techniques. And during the course we broke down the process of labour and practiced the techniques to help me through it. I was frightened before about being left in a busy,understaffed labour ward but now feel confident that I can handle labour with or without help and excited about meeting my baby. Thank you Karen! X Jennifer Gans-Bona


The story of the arrival of our daughter was a bumpy one. We had an induction, followed by several hours of labour and an emergency c-section. It was very challenging but it would have been even more difficult without Karen.
She was truly a trooper with us during the journey, so caring, so understanding, so prepared and so effective. She also gave us invaluable advice to manage pain and lateral thinking, which in the midst of medical procedures, pain, sleep deprivation and a world of conflicting feelings, it was a real blessing.
We would recommend Karen in a heart beat. Her support and assistance was the best investment ever. We worked with her as a team. She truly made a difference for us. G&G Aberdeen

Karen was very supportive and responsive. I found the Hip Squeezes and the TENS machine very helpful which Karen had provided.
As I’m normally quite private and don’t go for this sort of thing, Karen was very good at giving me space and time to myself when I needed it.
Although I never used them I found the information about different active birth supports such as the Peanut Ball and Cubby helpful. Kim & Chris, Aberdeen


 Can highly recommend Karen and her services. She was professional, very friendly and made our experience a positive one. Lynne Bowie

♥ Can highly recommend Karen and her services. She was professional, very friendly and made our experience a positive one.     Lynne – Inverurie

Hi Karen, was just thinking yesterday I should drop you a message and let you know how I was getting on…. to sum it up I feel fantastic  have had so much energy and have been feeling really upbeat and happy – absolutely buzzing really! Even night feeds have been a breeze  Little Elsie has been so good so far too – she’s a little sweetheart! Thanks again for everything  the tablets have made this new born experience so much more enjoyable than my last one with max, there might even be a third child now  (haven’t told Zack that ha!) xxx    Jenna – Aberdeen

Hi Karen, thank you so much, I think the capsules are helping lots, have been complimented lots on looking “really well” and I think they’re helping me manage a touch of the baby blues too. Brannon is just a ray of light and has brought us so much joy already  he just melts my heart. Thank you for the lovely cord work as well and wonderful print xxx          Vicky – Aberdeen

 I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thanks very much for my tablets. The process was seamless & turn around extremely fast. Thanks again.    Clare – Aberdeen

Hi Karen I just wanted to say a big thank you for an amazing service, so far I am feeling good and have a great milk supply which has never happened before! Xx  Harri – Aberdeen

Highly recommend the capsules. Been feeling great, extra energy and great mood. Karen offers an excellent service throughout and can’t thank her enough for coming up to the hospital at the time of delivery.          Vikki – Oyne

I had my placenta encapsulated by Karen for my first baby and it was all fantastic and stress free. Karen gave us all the instructions we needed beforehand so when our minds were busy on the baby’s arrival we didn’t have to think about anything except letting her know! I had a homebirth on a Saturday morning and had my capsules delivered to me by the Sunday! I would definitely recommend Karen, and will be using her again when the times comes!       Melissa – Aberdeen

I had my placenta encapsulated with my first pregnancy and found the benefits to be tremendous. I was happy to use Karen’s services for my second pregnancy. Karen was very professional with a personal touch. She talked us through the process and alleviated any concerns that my husband had about encapsulation. Karen literally provided door to door service which we found incredibly convenient with a newborn and a three year old at home! I would highly recommend her services! Natasha – Aberdeen

Hi Karen, that’s us away to leave hospital. Just wanted to update you. I have been taking amount advised and I have not encountered “baby blues ” as yet now day 4 usual for me around day three. I have been up every day had a shower. Feeling great except a bit sore. Thanks for everything btw midwives were asking for your details as Mums ask her about encapsulations and they didn’t have any details so I hope your okay that I passed them over x         Danielle – Kineller


Got a cast made by Karen of me and my 4 year old daughters hands. Was so quick and easy to do and little one thought it was fun putting her hands in the goo haha. Really nice keepsake to have, so pleased with it. Would definitely recommend thank you xx Judith , Aberdeen

I had my cast done when I was 20 weeks pregnant and I’m away to have another one done by Karen, it was a great experience and I felt comfortable and very welcomed. I would highly recommend to have this experience. Sarah-Jane , Kintore

We have beautiful casts of our son’s hands and feet from Karen. She was so patient and kind with our monkey of a child, and the whole process was straightforward and fun! Would recommend Karen and this service – the casts are a wonderful keepsake. Danielle and Chris , Aberdeen

Beautiful family hand casts. Quick and easy to do, Karen was very friendly and has a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone asks about it when they see it. Love that it’s unique being our hands as well! Kim, Aberdeen


I attended Reiki 1 live training on 5th Oct in Aberdeen with Karen Rome.
Karen is very talented as a teacher and explained and demonstrated everything in a very easy to understand way. The pre-course materials were very detailed but easy to understand. I feel that this course has motivated and empowered me to do Reiki 2 and eventually my mastership. I have no negative comments about this training, only praise. Thank you. Derek Scorgie

Have just completed my Reiki Masters course with Karen. Her teaching style and personality makes you feel so relaxed it is easy to take in information and achieve your goals. Karen goes above and beyond to ensure the courses fit your individual needs. Just a very special person. Anne MacEwan

Karen is an excellent teacher and brings with her a wealth and depth of knowledge and Reiki skills. Her emphatic nature puts you at ease and she makes learning fun. Would thoroughly recommend attending any of Karen’s workshops and also as a Reiki client. Patricia Anderson

I’ve just done the Reiki First Degree Level course with Karen. The self-study part was easy to follow and the practical exercises were fun and fascinating! Had a great day with Karen and the other women on the course. Thank you. Trisha Harvey

Highly recommended. My life is already starting to change for the better since I did this course with Karen. So excited to see what happens after my Reiki 2 course in June. Angela Walker

Loved meeting you Karen, very welcoming, intuitive lady. Already feeling the benefits of the level one course. Looking forward to shares and meet-ups. Sarah Mouat


♥ Shinpiden – Reiki Masters Intensive Weekend – practical aspect of this course home study was undertaken first

Weekend zoom course Nov 2020. Due to the uncertainty of the COVID 19 restrictions our planned course was postponed a couple of times in the hope of being able to undertake some practical sessions in person. This proved impossible so we decided to do the course on Zoom, we know Reiki works through time and space so no issues there!

Had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend, having studied all the course material in the manual and listened to the helpful CD and watched the attunement and empowerment DVD repeatedly at leisure in advance for some weeks, it felt like a lot to remember but needn’t have worried, Karen was very kind and gentle with us and took care not to overwhelm us with too much information in a hurry!

We took a nice pace of empowerment’s, learning, Attunement theory and practice and physical practice on a model ( the people we live with!). Some fun, sharing of experiences through our reiki journeys and little breaks through the two days were manageable. I was tired afterwards but I know energy work has a cleansing effect and can affect mood and emotions for a while afterwards. Monday morning I was buzzing with energy, felt so positive and good, this has settled now and am enjoying my daily self treatment again meantime and distance healing until we can be in closer contact again.

Very good value, the course ended with a beautiful certificate and Karen has kept in touch with us to ensure all is as we hoped afterwards. We are assured of continued support should we want to contact her. Highly recommend the zoom course.  Rose Galbraith,  Auchnagatt

I thought the course content was very comprehensive. I felt that I knew quite a lot about reiki having done levels 1 & 2, but there was so much more to learn.The content was well presented in the manual and easy to understand. The course exceeded my expectations. The balance of study materials and practical work was just right and by the finish I felt much more confident in my practice. I feel like I am now beginning a new part of my Reiki journey.

The live training was excellent! The time flew past as Karen lead us through each part.  It was really exciting to merge the work we had done alone prior to the course with the practical work. I felt like the live training completed the course, but still inspired me to want to learn more. Karen was thorough and patient, allowing us to explore the techniques and the energies.

The live training sealed my knowledge and made me more confident. It was interesting to see that others had different reactions to the energy. A thoroughly enjoyable experience and I know that Reiki will always be part of my life. Thank you Karen ….I think the zoom works well and video calls are the new normal for a lot of people. The distant Reiki is so powerful. It definitely feels like value for money. X Patricia Harvey, Aberdeen


Absolutely loving the Reiki distant healing, the energy is amazing, left feeling content soothed and relaxed. All the muddle and confusion disappears, left with a peaceful inner calm. Tonight especially at one point i could see a white glow the feeling at the end words can’t describe. Can i just say thank you and actually wow, i honestly have never had such a session the energy and vibration was at a whole new experience, im not sure if normal but at one point i felt drawn to hold my own hands over my stomach and could hear faint growling noises in the background but felt so calm and relieved Absolutely amazing thank you once again. Thank you so much Laura Hill

Second session –  Oh wow everything you have said right from the start of our session to those readings is absolutely spot on and im not just saying that. Thank you so much and ye you have given me plenty to think about and focus on ❤️❤️ xxxxx

Would highly recommend not only is Karen a fantastic teacher of Reiki( i felt such a connection whilst doing my Reiki 2 and i will be returning to fo my masters) she is also an amazing healer,, the connection and energy i have never experienced anything like that before, a complete feeling of relaxation and clarity, i have had two personal distant healing and both times Karen completely connected with what i needed, i will certainly be continuing with these sessions cannot wait for next one
Thank you Karen    Laura Hill

Thank you for the beautiful energy Karen….it was so relaxing. I feel very grounded and more calm than i did before.     Anne McEwan

Distant Reiki healing with Karen is amazing. It takes you to a place of calm and serenity. The beauty of distant reiki is that you don’t need anything other than a quiet space and some tranquil music for an hour of bliss.
Karen is a perceptive and trustworthy healer. Her intuitive approach to reiki means that she feels your energy even from a distance and is able to give you insight into the things you need at that exact moment in time. This is so worthwhile, everyone should gift themselves an hour with Karen xxx Anne and Heather McEwan

Thank you Karen, really felt the energy, felt like I was being swaddled like a baby  in a warm heavy blanket, being comforted & protected Xx    Jenny Florence

This has brought a tear to my eye. I cannot thank you enough and strangely enough I have just run myself a nice bath as I felt slightly brighter. Thank you so much, kindest of souls.  I am up for the the first time in days and made homemade soup for my families lunch. Thank you so much for your healing, I truly believe I am feeling the benefit !
I feel much better! I believe Reiki healing helped a lot, especially mentally and so do my family      Izzy Adams West

Thank you, I have been struggling with this lock down so that sounds about right. After about 5/10 minutes I felt like an incredible wave of calmness overcome me.  I felt really light and relaxed and then fell asleep. Enjoy the rest of your day and thanks again. Michelle McHardy

Wow ….yes spot on. I got into my bed around 4.30 …listened to a bit of music …I’m still in bed  ended up snoozing Gwen Alexander

Had a relaxing Reiki session. Feeling very relaxed and grounded. I know I’ll still feel the benefit for days to come. I think we all could do with some at the moment lol x    Wendy Macauley