Crystal Therapy

What is Crystal Therapy? 

Crystal Therapy uses quartz or gemstones.  These are placed on and around your body in a pattern to release any blockages.  Crystal therapy will put you into a deep state of relaxed meditation in which you can process deeply held issues at an accelerated rate, bringing balance and harmony into the body.  Crystal therapy works on the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels of the body and is particular good for stress relief and relaxation.

What should you expect during a Crystal Therapy or Energy Healing Session? 

Crystals will be placed on and around your body, which will work with the energies of the crystals and your own energy field.  You may feel a pleasant warmth, coolness, tingling, pulsing and ‘see’ colours and lights; every healing experience is different.

A Crystal Therapy treatment is combined with Reiki, each session is personalised and intuitively guided.

Therapist : Fiona Bonner

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