Usui Reiki Workshops

The approach of the Rosemount Centre is a holistic one and we offer a variety of Workshops for you to enjoy

Hi everyone I’m Karen Rome and work at the Centre as a therapist as well as running regular Reiki workshops. I completed my original Reiki training in the Usui Tibetan style with Elizabeth Harley here at the Centre myself in December 2000 , taught some classes then continued onto Karuna Reiki Masters with David Burton and started teaching both Reiki and Karuna Reiki from 2001.

I enjoyed the Western style of teaching but was intrigued by the original Japanese teachings and re-trained to Reiki Master level with Taggart King and have been his Teacher for Aberdeen since 2017. I have since gone on to do further training in Karuna Ki Reiki, Animal Reiki and Crystal Reiki.

Here are some Client and Students Reviews from my Website

I am still open to using crystals, smudging etc but run my Workshops using Usui’s Japanese teachings. I continue to use Reiki Evolution manuals and CD’s etc and style of teaching with all of my students whether they book via Reiki Evolution or myself.

You pay the non-refundable deposit and booking fee and receive your Study Pack by post then the rest of the fee is paid to myself on your practical workshop day. Scroll down for the Workshop dates.

It means that you can study at home at your leisure as well as dip into the manuals and listen to the CD’s after the course or anytime that you need to recap.

This leaves us time to relax and focus on the practical aspect of working with the Reiki energy and each other at the Workshop. No exams  …. just lots of fun and practise. Workshops are held here at the Centre but I make the arrangements for the Saturdays that I teach the Workshops so contact me directly not the Centre to book.

More info of what each Workshop entails and course fees on my website.



Dates for 2020 – A mix of Saturdays and Sundays to suit everyone – 10am till 4pm

Reiki 1 – Saturdays                         Reiki 1 – Sundays

Saturday 11th January                           Sunday 17th May
Saturday 14th March                             Sunday 16th August
Saturday 13th June                                Sunday 22nd November
Saturday 17th October


Reiki 2 – Sundays                             Reiki 2 – Sundays

Saturday – 4th January                         Sunday 10th May
Saturday – 7th March                            Sunday 12th July
Saturday – 12th September                  Sunday 15th Nov


Reiki Masters/Teacher Intensive (Shinpiden)

June                                                   November

Day 1 – Saturday 6th                   Day 1 – Saturday 7th

Day 2 – Saturday 7th                   Day 2 – Saturday 8th