Shiatsu workshops with Laura and Martin

Saturday 5th May Compassionate Touch Martin Julich

10-1pm Love Yoga, 42 Union Terr, Aberdeen

One way to work with Shiatsu (Healing) is under pinned by the view that disease is part of the bodies intelligence trying to say something like: please pay attention. By paying attention in a compassionate way we are already engaging healing, “making” whole. Compassionate touch in Shiatsu is about being with and engaging with the energy and by noticing, sensing and resonating we create a sense of space in which the natural order of things may be sensed as a process into healing.


2/3rd June Tara Shiatsu  Anneke Stolte

10-5  Love Yoga, 42 Union Terr, Aberdeen

The TARA Approach uses gentle holding of points on the body to restore our capacity to cope with overwhelming experiences, stress and trauma. This introductory course is for anyone who would like to learn how to balance the nervous system and restore its innate integrity after it has been overwhelmed or overloaded. We will learn how to use our hands to touch energy centres and bring balance and reorganisation to the nervous system. We will practice simple self care treatments which we can use on ourselves and others and incorporate into any healing practice.

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