Shiatsu workshops with Laura and Martin

Saturday 21st October – Shiatsu and the Understanding and Treatment of Headaches                                                                         with Martin Julich

Venue: Newbold House, Forres; From 10am – 4pm; Cost: £45 (payable to M Julich with application/booking)

I will introduce you to the energy healing that is Shiatsu. We will explore some hands-on work, I will explain bits of Chinese Medical Theory in the context of Headaches and we will explore acupuncture points to relieve headaches, as well as putting meaning to the location of headaches and thus positive action regarding as to how to relieve them or not encounter them any more, cause we are looking to create an environment where they cannot exist. After all, they might just be signs of something not working as well as it could, be physical (including foods of course) or mental/emotional.

This is a workshop which I hope entices us all to look after ourselves better and its both practical and meaningful.


Saturday 28th October – Shiatsu and Improving your Health                                                                                                               with Laura Davison

Venue: Love Yoga Studio, 42 Union Terrace, Aberdeen; From 10am – 1pm; Cost: £30 (payable to Laura Davison with application/booking)

This is one of Laura’s favourite Intro’s to Shiatsu: both a hands-on approach, feeling energy in points and meridians and responding to what each one of us brings, be it issues of bodily or emotional/mental nature. This workshop will have a core practice of what Shiatsu is and how to do it as well as inspiring us to use food and exercise to look after our Health and putting health issues into the context of Chinese Medicine, which is empowering, cause we then have a choice, a clearer choice perhaps, as to how we treat ourselves.

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