Shiatsu-Acupressure for Health Course

Shiatsu-Acupressure for Health Course
our informative and inspiring Shiatsu-Acupressure for Health course will start again 25/26 August 2018
the remaining dates for this 7 weekend course are:
8/9 September, 22/23 September, 6/7 October, 27/28 October, 3/4 November, 2 December, 9 December
Shiatsu-Acupressure for Health Prospectus

Shiatsu is a Chinese/Japanese form of massage that has been used for thousands of years and is growing in popularity with the current upsurge of interest in Complementary Therapies.

It is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine with all of its depth of analysis and focus on the energy system of a person as a sign of their condition.
• You will learn the main 12 meridians associated with the major organ systems
• The fascinating system of associations that Chinese medicine has through the five elements
• Postural and facial diagnosis
• Develop your sensitivity to feeling and working with energy
• Learn to do relaxing treatments on friends and family
• Begin a study into Chinese medicine
• Meet new friends who share your interest in health and complementary therapies
• Receive plenty of treatments at the weekends
• Learn new relaxation skills
• Enjoy a start to a new career
• Be able to help your family with Shiatsu treatments and advice
• Learn more about yourself
• Work with a supportive group
• Discover your own healing abilities
• Learn about the relationship between food and health, exercise and lifestyle shiatsu21-300x212

Course Fees: £725
Deposit: £275 non-returnable
Balance: Payable as 3 monthly payments of £150 or single payment of £420
some concessions are available if you are keen to do the course but feel you cannot afford the full fee, please contact us on or phone 01224 662878

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