November Special Offer – 2 hour Shamanic Hawaiian Clearing & Releasing Healing- £50 with Karen Rome

The Shamanic Hawaiian Bodywork Technique “Bone Washing” is an ancient form of therapeutic massage used to aid the process of clearing and releasing “memories/ cherished wounds” along with the corresponding physical and emotional pain. Our emotions are often trapped in the fascia which is the body’s connective tissue.

Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim wrote in his book ” Wise Secrets of Aloha” that the Hawaiian healer saw the periosterum, the skin of the human bone, as the cache where memory of physical movement, memory of painful emotions and memory of abuse lurk.

These memories store up one after the other like rocks that eventually become mountains but those memories can be released through hands on healing called ” Bone Washing”.

The treatment is received fully clothed with the intention of focusing and releasing. By moving the fingers between the muscles around the bones, it directs energy to clear out the energy of the remembered wounds. The pressure is light, be deeply relaxing and can assist in emotional healing.

Contact Karen Rome directly to book this 2 hour session – normally £75 but available during November at the special rate of £50 available on Wednesdays 10am till 9pm, Thursdays 3pm till 9pm and Saturdays 10am till 4pm

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mobile – 07733 113138  

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