Okuden – Reiki 2 Practitioner training with Karen Summers

OKUDEN – Reiki 2 training with Karen Summers – next workshop on Thursday 2nd March from 3pm till 9pm or Sunday 16th April  (10am till 5.30pm) 2016

If you have completed your Reiki 1 training and are ready to take the next step to either just working on yourself and friends with the stronger energy and some new techniques….or would like to work professionally as a Reiki Practitioner then this is the course for you !!017

We recommend that you leave a couple of months, at least, between your First and Second Degree courses. This gives you a chance to get grips with, and practise, what you learned. It’s not a race! And if you’re coming from a different lineage, that’s no problem: we’ll send you downloads of our First Degree course materials for free!

Deepen your self-healing – You should already have experienced that sense of peace, contentment and serenity that Reiki brings you, and perhaps experienced a spiritual awakening. Now you will carry out special symbol meditations to deepen your self-healing, focusing on energies that bring powerful physical and emotional balancing.

Explore intuition – The Original Japanese Reiki is a very free and fluid system, free from the dogma and rules that infest Western-style Reiki training. An important part of Second Degree is to move beyond standard hand positions when you treat people, to embrace intuitive working. You’ll learn how to allow the energy to guide you in terms of where you rest your hands; it’s a lovely way to work.

Practise distant healing – You’ll learn how to send Reiki long-distance in a variety of ways, so you can experiment and find the approach that works best for you. Distant healing is a very humbling and fulfilling practice, a beautiful meditation that connects deeply to the person, or people, that you share Reiki with.

Your Reiki Second Degree training course lasts for 12-13 hours, which is equivalent to two day’s training. You spend approx. six hours working through a multimedia study pack, at your leisure, and then attend a single-day live course at one of our many UK locations. During the live part of your training you will focus on practical energy work, guided by our experienced  Teacher Karen Summers and in the company of a few other students – there will be no more than six students on any of our Second Degree courses.

This approach provides you with a complete training in Reiki at Second Degree. You can learn at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to learn the three Reiki symbols fully, giving a chance for all the information to sink in and helping you to realise any questions that you might have. You then arrive on the course well-prepared and already knowing a great deal about Reiki. We spend the live part of your course working with energy and putting what you have learned into practice.

The Reiki Second Degree Study Pack

You will have a chance to go through your study pack usually for a few weeks before the course, and this gives you a good grounding in Second Degree Reiki. Imparting a load of information on a live course is a really ineffective way to learn or to teach, so we help you to get to grips with the ‘knowledge’ side of Reiki before you arrive on your day-course.

The study pack for UK courses consists of a comprehensive professionally-printed 110-page ‘Okuden’ manual and a specially-produced audio CD containing extensive commentary tracks. Your pre-course reading and listening will focus you on these areas:
What Reiki’s founder taught and how we can follow the original system in the modern world
How to benefit from the energies of earth ki and heavenly ki through meditation
The importance of experiencing a state of oneness and its use in distant healing
How to use earth ki and heavenly ki when treating others
How to open yourself to intuitive working
Ways of directing the energy using intent
The Reiki symbols: how to draw them and say their names

We will go over this information briefly on the day of the course, but most of the day will concentrate on practice rather than theory.

To book your place with Karen via her Teacher page on the Reiki Evolution website just click on this link


To view the contents of the study pack or read Karen’s students testimonials have a look on her website


To contact Karen directly e-mail her on karen_summers@hotmail.co.uk or her mobile 07733 113 138

Karen Summers also works as a Practitioner at the Centre …to read her mini-bio with session times / fees – just click on her name  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



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