New therapy – Traumatic Birth Recovery – 3 step Rewind Programme

The Traumatic Birth recovery Programme uses the Rewind Technique to work through and release painful memories surrounding your birth experience. The treatment involves 3 stages-

  • hearing your story should you wish to tell it and understanding the changes you would like to experience with the symptoms lifted
  • deep relaxation, remembering the event in a different way while feeling safe and secure
  • imagining coping in the future and responding differently to those initial feelings of anxiety, anger and despair


I prefer to do steps 1 and 2 of the programme in a 2 hour session and provide you with a CD to listen to at home then a follow up 1 hour session for part 3 of the programme. One Fee paid at the initial session – £95

Please contact me  to discuss and book your session on 07733 113138 or e-mail

Therapist: Karen Summers  


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