New therapy – Fertility, Womb & Digestive Massage Therapy

Fertility Womb Massage Therapy is a unique blend of holistic healing using massage techniques, acupressure, rocking with Rebozzo scarves and energy work to create a feeling of warmth and emotional well-being. It is deeply relaxing and you will feel physically and emotionally supported throughout.

Massage of the back, sacrum, abdomen and womb areas. The digestive version is for men as well as for women and consists of a similar massage minus the womb and more focused on the back and abdomen. It can also be adapted into a 2 hour Stressbuster where I can add in some Reflexology, foot massage, and neck and scalp massage.

Initial session – 2 hours for full consultation and treatment. Thereafter you can have 90 minutes or 1 hour sessions. Packages are available if you would like to take advantage of the pay for 4 but receive 5 treatment sessions.

Men need only come for the 1 hour or 90 minute Stressbuster sessions



First session with full consultation – 2 hours – £75

and thereafter 90 minutes with discussion – £65

or 1 hour with massage only – £55

2 hour Stressbuster Fertility Massage and head and shoulders with Reiki or neck, shoulders and foot massage – £75

2 hour Fertility Massage and Reflexology – £95

😁 Special packages pay for 4 and book 5 sessions so 1 free. Packages sessions should be booked at first session but can be changed.


Please enquire by e-mail karen_summers or 07733 113138

Therapist: Karen Summers

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