Aberdeen School of Shiatsu Spring Programme


Our Offerings to the Community
Sunday 30th April – Embrace Spring, the Shiatsu way
Saturday/Sunday 10 &11 June : The Living in Harmony Shiatsu Foundation Course

Sunday, 30th April : Embrace Spring, the Shiatsu way, with Gaelle Conjaud : 10am-1pm Love Yoga Ltd, 42 Union Terrace Aberdeen – £30
In Chinese medicine, each season is associated with an element , a taste, a scent, a body type and plenty more. Immerse yourself into the Wood element with Qi gong, body work and a wee food tasting . This could be an introduction to the “Living and Harmony course “

Living in Harmony : New start date 10/11 June, 10am-5pm, Love Yoga Ltd, 42 Union Terrace, Aberdeen

7 week-ends to journey through the 5 elements, learning the acupuncture meridians, points and association to improve your health. This is a very practical course, with lots of body work every weekend. It is the start of a shiatsu practitioner training, accredited by the Shiatsu Society. We have been running this course for over 30 years; some feedback : ” life changing” ,”thought provoking”, “so incredibly grateful to both of you for your encouragement”.

For a prospectus please email laurashiatsu@hotmail.com
We are so looking forward to working with you