Martin Julich’s Mini-Bio, Session Times & Fees

Martin Jülich

Martin is a director at the Rosemount Centre in Aberdeen, where he practices Shiatsu and Chinese Herbal Medicine, as well as working at CLAN.  He has been a registered Practitioner of Shiatsu since 1996, and is a Registered Teacher with the Shiatsu Society. He also owns Love Yoga Studio in the Heart of Aberdeen.

Originally from Germany he has lived and worked in the UK for many years. Martin’s experience of energy work goes all the way back to when he left school and started to study Meditation, Yoga and Tai-Chi in Cologne. From this initial contact with energy work sprang a deeper need and interest. He then went on to qualify in psychotherapy with the IGTC International Gestalt Training Institute in Hamburg.

Having been introduced to Shiatsu in 1987, he moved to London to train in 1989. There he also encountered Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythm Dance and he became a registered teacher of this in 1994.

Martin has been teaching classes in Yoga, Qigong, Movement & Dance, Meditation, Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine nationally for many years.

Currently he runs Yoga Classes (Wednesday and Friday) from Love Yoga Studio ( in Aberdeen.

He draws all these into his teaching of Shiatsu which enriches the learning experiences of the students in the Training.

In his desire to explore more fully the aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine which underlie Shiatsu, he has completed the long training necessary to become a fully qualified Chinese Herbalist in 2005 in Reading with the CICM.

Since July 2012 he runs Love Yoga LTD, a yoga studio dedicated to offering various styles of Hatha Yoga, workshops and trainings.



Therapy Session Times & Fees



Initial Appointment – 60 minutes – £35  plus herbs

Review appointment – 30 minutes – £20  plus herbs

15 minute telephone review – £6  plus herbs



60 minute Shiatsu session plus Chinese Herbs – £50




60 minute On-site Massage –  £40

Also available at the Work Place – per day – £200