Martin Julich Info about him, Session Times & Fees

He has been offering Shiatsu Therapy since 1996 and is one of the Directors at the centre. He has practiced Shiatsu also at Aberdeen Foyer (for ten years) and has been dedicated to working with people with cancer at CLAN since 2009. In 2022 he stopped working at CLAN. Cancer is perhaps complex but working with Diet (esp sugar free), Chinese Herbal Medicine, Yoga, Qigong and Meditation are valuable approaches to heal cancer or to live with it.

He has also been practicing Yoga for 37 years, an awfi long time and still learning!! He started with Iyengar Yoga in the 80’s, later added in Erich Schiffman’s approach of Moving into Stillness, Godfrey Devereux became his Teacher Trainer during a Yoga TT in Den Haag, Holland. He also practices and teaches Shiatsu, 5Rhythms Dance and Open Floor work and Chinese Herbal Medicine….all of which inform the way he teaches and holds classes. ‘Walking the line between discipline and fun’, that’s where he wants Yoga to explore our human nature.

With Chinese Herbal Medicine I can treat/work with Skin Conditions, Fertility issues, and with the current theme of ‘Long Covid’ I find that using herbs can treat Post or Long Covid, or help prevent getting Covid by strengthening the immune system. 

Payment by Cash, Cheque or Bank transfer.


Initial Appointment – 60 minutes – £35  plus Herbs

Review appointment – 10-15 minutes – £5  plus Herbs

Herbs approximately £25 per week or less (depending on quantity)


60 minute Shiatsu session  – £50

To view Martin’s Client reviews – Click HERE

To discuss and book your appointment – 01224 636378

Compassionate Inquiry (CI) I am currently training with Gabor Mate and am available for CI sessions, where I will work with clients with the issue that they wish to explore, in the ‘here and now’, as the past shows always up in the present until it is resolved and integrated. Currently via donations (between £15 – £45)