What is Kinesiology?


Kinesiology is unique as it allows the practitioner to be a facilitator to your body’s own intelligence system, enabling healing.  It brings together western healing sciences and ancient eastern energetic techniques to address physiological, emotional, mental and nutritional issues.


Kinesiology uses a biofeedback technique called muscle monitoring to access the different systems of the body. Every muscle in your body is connected to the central nervous system and when this system registers stress, it interferes with the neurological circuit causing a muscle response.  Rather than the practitioner telling you what they think is wrong, it is from your muscle responses that a Kinesiologist can identify the stresses involved in your issue, whether physiological, emotional, mental, hormonal, nutritional or a combination of all of these.  The Kinesiologist then uses the muscle response as a guide to determine and administer the appropriate energetic techniques to eliminate your stresses.


Each Kinesiology session is tailored to you, taking into consideration your muscles, organs, digestive system, immune system, hormones, emotions, thoughts, belief system, lifestyle, energy and more.


Kinesiology does not provide medical diagnosis but instead identifies the stresses in your body and provides relief for them in a gentle, non-invasive way.  It works because it pinpoints the underlying causes of your issues or symptoms. Kinesiology can help a wide range of health issues, however you don’t need to be unwell to a see a Kinesiologist.  It can also help you improve and maintain your overall health and wellbeing.