Kevin Hush-Anderson – Client Reviews

I have experienced significant back pain during the last 5 years since being diagnosed with congenital stenosis and herniated discs. I was in so much pain standing, sitting or sleeping was very difficult and walking more than a few steps impossible. Kevin’s treatments, care and advice have substantially reduced and stabilised my pain levels, which allows me to function more normally in many areas of my life. Kevin is professional, extremely competent and caring, and always has time to listen carefully. Mrs P. Pickard

I went to see Kevin for Acupuncture 8 years of sheer hell  with Neuralgia. I was having 4 x 30 min attacks per week. After one treatment the pain & attacks all gone. UNBELIEVABLE….First class treatment, I am so happy with the results I want to shout it from the rooftops. Cannot recommend Kevin highly enough other than to say a huge thank you. Lorraine Phillips 

♥ Kevin is an excellent acupuncturist, highly skilled with a keen sense of therapeutic techniques that target sports injuries. He addressed a two year old knee issue with great results.     Marilyn Koletzke

♥ Kevin is a highly experienced, caring, and very very good Acupunturist. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Everything I have him to help with he has succeeded in sorting out and also in a pain free way, not an easy feat for someone as sensitive as myself.   Claire H

 I have had excellent results with acupuncture at Kevin’s Aberdeen clinic. Paula

 I would highly recommend Kevin Hush Anderson as a very experienced and highly effective acupuncturist. After only a couple of sessions for neck pain last year (this is a year on) I have had no recurring symptoms. I am very thankful for his special care and service.   Amydson