Karen Summers – Client Fertility assistance Testimonials

Clients Comments – Fertility assistance using Reflexology, Reiki, CBT, Fertile Body Method Visualisations and Hypnotherapy

♥ Hi Karen, not sure if you remember, but I had an appointment with you back in January for Reflexology and Reiki and I asked for you to concentrate on fertility. Well it worked as the next time I ovulated I got pregnant !!!!

That is why I have not been back in touch as I am waiting till I am well into the second trimester to make another appointment. I just wanted to say a big thank you as well because the treatment was so relaxing and balancing it really helped….. ELLEN


♥ Trying to put into a few short words the many ways in which the CBT, Reiki and Reflexology helped me is impossible !!

I wouldn’t be understating things to say that with Karen’s help and support, my life was truly changed. Our end goal of a pregnancy and birth were achieved, but there were so many other benefits too. Over a year has passed since my last treatment and I still say to myself “What would Karen say?” during times of stress !!

She is a positive and calm voice in my head……JULIE, Aberdeen


♥ Karen helped to release my mind from a rut of negativity and gave me the strength to carry on’ …. JANIE – Aberdeen


♥ I was worried that stress was affecting my fertility so Karen helped me to focus on my body’s ability to conceive and look positively towards becoming a Mum using Hypnosis and Reiki – I am now 5 months pregnant’ ….. ANNE – Aberdeen