Ionela Borodatencu Client Reviews

I’d first seen BSR advertised in a local community magazine and was keen to give it a try after past trauma and various aches & pains especially in my neck, shoulders & back. The benefits of the sessions were immediate and remarkable. I had a visible knot on my back that disappeared completely after just a few sessions. My teenage son was suffering from migraines so I took him to see Ionela. His reaction to this gentle treatment was incredible. He had so much pain initially but after the first three sessions his migraines never returned. I couldn’t believe how noticeable the release of stress was in him and have recommended BSR to the rest of the family and friends. – Freia Henery, Cults, Aberdeen

❤️ Have had back pain on and off for a number of years and recently had plantar fasciitis. Within two sessions Ionela had cured the fasciitis, previously it has taken months to cure. My back pain has also improved to the point where it only bothers me first thing in the morning, I’m 81 so this is quite acceptable. Would highly recommend this type of therapy and of course Ionela’s practice.” B Morisson

I had a spell of being in excruciating pain with sciatica and Ionela was my lifeline! She kindly offered to see me at weekends and because I could barely walk she would meet me at my car door and walk me into her house….it’s the little things like these that make her so special! It took quite a few weeks for my sciatica to heal but thankfully we got there, and avoided any surgery. I now go once every few weeks for treatment and I always look forward to our sessions and come away feeling lighter. I would recommend BSR and Ionela to anyone who hasn’t tried it before. Kate St, Aberdeen

My wife was keen that the rest of my family should try BSR after she discovered its benefits. Ionela was receptive to my issues and through a thorough understanding of anatomy and the BSR process was able to discuss with me the likely cause and focus her attention to the specific areas. I have continued regular monthly visits to help with poor posture, and tight shoulders and legs from too much sitting at a desk/office work, and finds the sessions to be useful to improve related pain and discomfort. It is great to have Ionela located near to us, and for the opportunity for the whole family to receive the benefit of BSR from such a knowledgeable, personable and caring
practitioner. Andy H, Cults, Aberdeen

Ionela was recommended to me when I was suffering from a trapped nerve. I had severe pain down my left arm and shoulder. I couldn’t work and sleeping was a big problem. After a few sessions, the pain started to reduce over the days following a visit and I am fit to work again- the pain thankfully, has almost gone! I had tried other forms of treatment before visiting Ionela, but others only provided temporary relief.She is very professional, attentive and the surrounding make you relax during the session. It worked for me and it could work for you – give her a call. Steven M (59y)

I’ve suffered from chronic back pain for many years. I use to go to different
practitioners that only would relief the pain for a couple of weeks. Ionela introduced me to BSR and it changed my life. She helped me to improved my body posture, gave me some useful tips about what to do and what to avoid and use BSR to treat my back. The results were incredible. If you have been suffering from chronic pain I would definitely consider BSR because it works. Natalia Á

My back pain was deeply ingrained from years of desk work and bad postures. After the third session, even the hardest nods had soften and I felt a great relief. The benefits of BSR last long after the sessions, and I could physically feel the releasing process of the accumulated tension in the following days. I look forward to resuming the sessions when it is hopefully feasible again. Houda K

Since meeting Ionela I have really looked forward to our sessions of Body Stress Release (BSR). It is the one space in the ‘busy’ and (for me) physically painful life where I can relax with confidence and my body receive ministrations without even having to change clothing or take the shoes off. Ionela works with a friendly professional manner. Under her care I have even been known to be so relaxed that I nod off to sleep; the time seems to fly by so quickly. I leave the session with a gently sizzling body where the processing of BSR manipulation has started to repair the weary muscles. As we are currently in Covid 19 lockdown I am really looking forward to resuming BSR with Ionela. Ruth M

Ionela is able to check in with my body and see what is wrong or what my body
needs even when I can’t. It is a very relaxing and gentle treatment. Sometimes I even fall asleep. I always leave feeling ‘released and relaxed. Anja E

Sure Ionela. I approached BSR after trying many different things like physio,
acupuncture, pain killers etc. I was a bit sceptical but it was recommended by my GP which I trust a lot. I had 5-6 session and my pain improved. My migraine and
generally speaking pain improved a lot. Had to stop because of the covid but I would definitely go back. I would recommend to anyone. Anita K

Just putting in a few words as I have felt thoroughly relieved every time I attend a Body Stress Release session. As I sit at my desk for work for long hours each day, all the aches and pains get relieved during and after the session. Thanks for the work you do and I will definitely recommend others to you. Simi A

I have a field course at the beach, but the weather was unexpectedly cold and wet. When I came back the next day I have stiff neck back and legs, difficulties in waking and siting. that day while driving back home I have seen a yellow sign board which says body stress release, which i didn’t understand fully but. I decided to send a message for appointment in a hope that may be this method help me for releasing Pain. Lucky I get appointment and met Ionela Borodatencu. I explain to her my condition, happy to hear that yes she can help . During my first treat treatment . I realize that this is like a magical treatment. Ionela, know her subject very well and she intelligently trace the nerves and muscles which are tense and stiff and she know how to unlock tension out of the body, She advise me that due to my lifestyle and sitting and working habits tension accommodate in the body and it need to be get out before its too late when this start effecting other body organs. I took her advise. and started getting treatments once a month. I cannot explain fully my experience in words but as she always said you are new person now . Yes THAT IS TRUE. I shared my experience with my wife and friends. My wife is now also a regular it taking treatments. Now due to the present Pandemic and lock down we feel our bodies are getting heavier and heavier with the burden of accumulating stress. We hope that soon we get back to normal and we would be able to get the treatment sessions to get our
renewed out of pain. Thank you Ionela. God Bless you.Well To be honest all above is real and true. ANONYMOUS, ABERDEEN

BSR is a saviour! Because of stress, bad posture and not paying the right attention to my body, I used to be in huge pain caused by tension in my neck and shoulders. So much so that I had days spent in bed because of shooting pain in my shoulders and neck. It took a while until I have heard of BSR and decided to give it a try, nothing else I had tried helped. After my 3 sessions I was a different person. I was so impressed with this technique and how I could feel the energy in my body move around after a session, healing. It felt like I took my body for an ‘MOT’, almost past it :). I continued my sessions to keep my body out of tension and happy, and also because was my therapy and I enjoy it so much. My therapist would make a fire in the fireplace to create an even more therapeutic environment, the soothing music and dim light was an added bonus to my therapy and relaxation. Elena M

BSR helped me a lot with my back pain, sorry shoulders, neck and headaches. My sleep quality improved significantly. Every time I am looking forward for my
appointment to relax by body and mind. It also helped my son Oliver with his moist breathing, struggles with falling asleep and eczema. Lukas is also looking forward for his treatment to relax body after intensive sport. Altogether the whole family is enjoying BSR experience. Judy J

Months of increasing back pain spreading throughout my body as a result of too many miles of driving in my car and sitting in uncomfortable chairs at meetings have been eased by Ionela’s magic. I can’t recommend her highly enough for her kindness, sensitivity and effectiveness. I am looking forward to being back for another visit. Geva B