Hypno-Fertility Programmes & Hypno-Birthing Workshops

Therapist – Karen Rome

Hypno-Fertility programme using the Fertile Body Method

As you may have already discovered, trying for a baby and fertility treatment can create problems in a relationship as well as anxiety and disappointments for both partners.

The Fertile Body method helps to increase fertility and to address the negative effects of infertility by reducing stress and increasing feelings of calm and relaxation, restores physical, mental and emotional well-being for both partners, addresses lifestyle changes to assist with fertility, sperm count and motility, hormone imbalance, unresolved issues which may be preventing conception such as fears about pregnancy, childbirth etc, assists with the process of medical treatments such as IVF as well as support when things don’t go to plan and also sexual issues created by the stress of trying for a baby such as Premature Ejaculation, Impotence, Frigidity ,Vaginismus and low sex drive.

I can see you as a couple or individually. Sometimes, men or women prefer to work through the issues individually whereas others prefer to support one another by working together as a couple.

We can basically just do Individual sessions working with whatever needs to be addressed using some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Solution Focused questions and combine it with Visualisations or Hypnotherapy …..or we can work through the Six Key Stages.

Usually people are at different stages and have more specific issues that they want to work on so I have priced the sessions individually so that you can choose to work with what suits you , time-wise and financially and a Fertility Programme for others as it can work out well to complete a Programme as you go through Fertility treatment.

0_0_0_0_92_92_library_628689c02 0_0_0_0_103_81_library_61644a610Working through the six key stages

  1. 1. OUTCOME – determines the desired outcome for the Hypnotherapy treatment. This includes setting the goal, gathering information, and determining the best possible course of action for treatment.
  2. BALANCE – addresses your current mental, emotional and physical state by restoring balance to internal and external factors which may be affecting overall well-being.
  3. RESOLVE – addresses any unresolved issues that may be preventing the couple from becoming parents such as fears, resolving past traumas, or dealing with sexual or relationship issues.
  4. ENHANCE – works specifically with the Conscious and Unconscious mind to enhance Fertility. This is predominantly achieved through Visualisation, Guided Imagery and Mental Rehearsal.
  5. PREPARE – could be for Pregnancy, Birth or Parenthood. It also includes mental, emotional and physical preparation for any medical treatments like IVF.
  6. SUPPORT – aims to support the mother or couple, and help to maintain the changes that they have made.

This could be working with the mother or both parents if Conception does not occur …….or if the Pregnancy ends in Miscarriage ……..if IVF fails ……… or if a healthy Pregnancy ensues.


With HypnoBirthing, Karen will teach you the art of using your own natural birthing instincts by using a variety of   techniques and self-hypnosis to achieve a satisfying, relaxing and stress-free method of birthing.

She completed her training in HypnoBirthing with Renee Buchanan – the ” Mongon method ”  as well as obtaining a Hypnosis with Childbirth Diploma with David Kato several years ago .

However, she wanted to update her training with a UK based organisation so she completed her training with ” The HypnoBirthing Centre ”  run by Katherine Graves ( who was originally trained by Marie Mongon herself) and is now also qualified to teach the KG HypnoBirthing Programme.

* Hypnobirthing Workshops

Classes are held over 2 full days from 10am till 4pm over two Saturdays to make it easy for Husbands, Birth Partners, and Mums-to-be to attend both classes. Classes are held here at the Centre in small groups.

The Hypnobirthing Course includes:

An explanation of hypnobirthing

How the body and hormones work

The logic of why Hypnobirthing works so well

How the mind affects the working of the body

Relaxations to do in class, practice at home, and use when giving birth

How you can get the best from the techniques you have learnt

How to use hypnobirthing in ‘the system’

Releasing fear and building confidence

What happens as you give birth

Gentle massage

You will be given:

The Hypnobirthing Book with the relaxation downloads

A folder of handouts to use at home and in labour

Telephone or email help is there for you after the course