Fiona Bonner – Client Reviews

I suffer from Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and have experienced three intense cycles of chemotherapy and one of radiotherapy  I am now in remission but the treatments have taken their toll. “How to cope after treatment” is a question often addressed by clinicians and professionals. For me, I found Fiona. She is a very special lady with a unique gift for healing. Her calming manner has enabled me to dispel worrying panics which cancer patients experience.
I do not understand how Reiki works but I do know that I feel her powers working on my body, particularly on areas which have been weakened by the disease and treatment; I feel that her healing powers are improving my general health and are enabling me to progress positively and with confidence. I know that many will benefit from working with her. Margaret

Fiona’s point of arrival as a very intuitive, gifted healer has been supported by her journey of discovery over an extended period of time. Her healing work is informed by a huge amount of dedicated research, diligent study and practise of many different aspects of healing in different parts of the world. She brings great wisdom and the transformational power of love to each client she meets. Your understanding of yourself and the world in which you live will be deeply affected as a result of your decision to experience a healing session with her. With great love and respect your friend, Doreen x

Dearest Fi, you have a unique connection to Great Spirit and the Earth Mother and you add a little something special of your own to every therapy session. I know that all those who are attracted towards you for therapy sessions will emerge blessed by the experience. All my love Zaria