Elaine Cairney Session Times & Fees

.facebook_1415630748962I graduated in 1997 from The Edinburgh College of Homeopathy after completing my four year training course in Classical Homeopathy and gained my license to practice professionally. I then went on to sit the external exams set down by The Society of Homeopaths to enable me to become a registered member. Since then I have been in full time practice with clinics in Aberdeen, Perth and Arbroath.

 I am married and have three children all of whom have grown up using Homeopathic medicine as their primary health care system.

 Although I treat all named conditions I do have a particular interest in women and children’s health, including infertility. I also have a very strong interest in treating young people for mental and emotional symptoms. I do feel that our young people are under a lot of pressure within our society and being able to help them in a natural and organic way is important.

Homeopathy, as a system of medicine, has been around for over 200 years and treats both chronic and acute ailments. It differs from conventional medicine with its holistic and natural nature, and the homeopathic medicine treats both mind and body. It also targets the root of disease rather than removing single symptoms- by doing this one can potentially remove symptoms on a more permanent basis. It is also 100% natural, organic and safe.

 Prescriptions are entirely bespoke, and the Homeopath will attempt to match your symptoms to those of a Homeopathic treatment in order to stimulate your own healing process. Homeopathy has also helped people where no conventional diagnoses can be found. Remedies are non toxic and safe to use at any stage of life, from pregnant Mums and babies to the elderly.

 Some of the most common complaints that people have been helped with are as follows but this is by no means an exhausted list


•Anxiety, stress, depression, phobias, PMT and post natal depression

•Migraines, recurrent ear infections, sinus problems, throat infections

•Asthma, bronchitis, hay fever and allergies

•IBS, gastritis, indigestion, heartburn

•Eczema, psoriasis, alopecia. Acne

•ME, fibromyalgia, MS

•Arthritis, inflammatory states, sports injuries

•Sleeplessness, menopause and menstrual problems

•Pregnancy and childbirth and menopause


For more information – please have a look on her website – www.elainecairneyhomeopathy.com

E-mail- elainecairneyhomeopath@gmail.com



Initial Appointment – 90 minutes to 2 hours – £80

Review consultations –  45 minutes to 1 hour – £60  (including medication)

Children age 7 and under – £60 (including medication)    Reviews – £50

Sports Injuries – 30 minutes – £35

Repeat prescriptions may incur a small charge. Telephone appointments will be charged according to time involved. Short telephone updates are free and included in the Consultation price.Payment is due at time of consultation.

We accept Paypal, Bank Transfer and Cash.  We do not accept cheques. A fee of £3 to cover charges will be added if choosing Paypal.






There are several types of Profile tests available and Elaine can assist you in choosing the best one for you. Contact her directly to make arrangements for hair testing and she will send out the envelope, if you would like a consultation , she will then book you in once the analysis arrives back.


Profile 1. Laboratory Mineral Test Only £45.00

Basic essay that shows the mineral levels and ratios. You are provided with a chart that identifies the patient and graphically describes the results of his/her test. With this profile you do your own interpretation.   


Profile 2. Lab Test and Complete Interpretation £65

This is the most commonly requested profile. Includes the entire mineral essay test provided in profile 1, plus a thorough interpretative workup that lists trends, provides a detailed explanation of the results, along with vitamin and mineral supplement recommendations, and compares significant mineral ratios.


Profile 3. Lab Test and Supplement Recommendation Only £55

This is the same as profile 1 with the addition of the vitamin and mineral supplement recommendations.


Profile 4. Progress Test and Comparison Analysis £65

Included is a complete retesting of the patient’s mineral levels t0 check what changes have taken place in his/her body biochemistry since the previous test. Modifications to the vitamin and mineral programme are suggested where there has been significant progress. Because our recommendations are quite specific, we stress that Progress Tests be done each 8 to 12 weeks after the initial analysis.


Profile 5. Personal Diet Plan £30

This section is derived from the information provided by the Mineral Test report. Based upon the patient’s mineral levels, mineral ratios, “oxidation” type, and probable “allergic responses”, this lists what foods should be included in his/her diet and what foods should be avoided. This profile may be ordered with any of the profiles listed above.


Above prices include the analyses and detailed booklet where appropriate. It is the clients responsibility to put the hair sample in the envelope provided which should be returned to me direct. Special envelopes are sent out once requested.

If the client wishes me to explain the charts a consultation is needed so please add on an extra £50.

The supplements suggested in the analyses can be ordered through me although I always recommend balancing by using natural foods.