Compassionate Inquiry (CI)

Compassionate Inquiry is based on the work of Gabor Mate. He states that most of what aggravates us, what triggers us in our living with other human beings, triggers us because of Trauma earlier in our lives. And what brings healing and resolution comes from shining the light of compassion onto that which is felt and perceived as Trauma, understanding that we human beings are very good at developing coping mechanisms easy in childhood so that we survive. These coping mechanisms might express themselves in addictive behaviour (substance abuse including drugs but perhaps just being addicted to coffee, cigarettes etc, or addiction to negative thinking, of making ourselves smaller or larger than we are….) and by acknowledging, validating and asserting new meaning of and to these coping mechanisms long held emotions can be released, pains of the body can be released…..the body holds all our memories and we can set ourselves free.