Hypnotherapy for Weightloss

Hypnotherapy 1 hour sessions for Cravings, emotional eating, habitual patterns and the Gastric Band Operation.

Therapists : Kathy Kennedy    Karen Rome

Hypno-Band Weight Loss Programme

* For the Hypnoband Programme you can arrange to meet with Karen for a FREE 30 minute assessment session to see if this Programme is for you or discuss this via e-mail.

0_0_0_0_106_106_csupload_25159599_largeThe whole process takes five x 60 minute sessions. Usually this is achieved over 6-8 weeks but this is flexible depending on your progress. The first Talking assessment session gives us time to discuss any emotional eating, bad habits etc.

Session 1– Talking aspect – best to have a 2 hour session time to run through everything

Session 2– Changing Behaviours Hypnotherapy – focusing on better eating habits, motivation to exercise, cravings, binge-eating etc – 1 hour

Session 3 – Preparation for Surgery Hypnotherapy – visualisation of meeting your Surgeon and discussing the process of your Gastric Band – 1 hour

Session 4 – Virtual Gastric Band Operation – Hypnotherapy – a visualisation using real theatre sounds to mimic the real operation. Very powerful and believable to the Subconscious mind -1 hour

Session 5 – Adjusting the Band Hypnotherapy session – visualisation of returning to the Surgeon’s office to have a minor operation to tighten the band some more just as you would in reality if the band had loosened. There is normally a gap of 5 weeks + after the operation before this last session to allow for some weight-loss – 1hour

Therapist : Karen Rome

Hypno-Band and HappyWeight combined Programme

There will be the Initial Full Consultation to determine your needs and how much weight you need to lose, your expectations and also within what time-frame – it may be that you are losing weight for a special occasion or a holiday…..and to work out a personalised Programme according to your needs and lifestyle….. or it could be for health reasons if you are due to have an operation. Then 4 more sessions of 2 hour blocks.

Therapist : Karen Rome

Hypno-Band and Reflexology Combined Programme

6 sessions of 2 hour Blocks which will cover Hypno-Band Hypnotherapy sessions,talking aspect and Reflexology. This combination can be very helpful where there are digestive problems with gas and constipation or you just need to learn to feel more relaxed and balanced.

Therapist : Karen Rome

2 hour CBT & Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy combined with Hypnotherapy for Weight loss CBT & Hypnotherapy for weight loss looks at the habits of comfort eating, munching in the evenings and the changes that you need to help with your weight loss.