Reiki and Healing

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Reiki is the Japanese word for ‘Universal Life Energy’ which is channelled by the practitioner to create a deep state of peace and relaxation that stimulates the client’s own natural healing mechanisms.  It effects the whole person – body, mind and spirit – and encourages self-awareness,  healing, balance and wellbeing. In a Reiki session, the client lies on the couch fully clothed, and the practitioner lightly touches the body.  It can be beneficial in moments of crisis, as well as a perfect monthly or bi-monthly ‘top up’ for general wellbeing and relaxation.

Initial appointment is for 1 hour, longer and shorter sessions can be arranged.  Reiki can be combined with other therapies

Therapists: Gaēlle Conjaud   Fiona Bonner   Kathy Kennedy      Karen Rome     

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Healing – laying on of hands or working in the aura to help you regain wholeness. Laura will discuss your condition and work on areas both hands on and in the aura, and with visualisation as is appropriate to your needs at the time. It helps you to find a deep relaxing place.

Therapist : Laura Davison

Karen Rome also offers Usui Reiki training and Karuna-Ki Reiki from Level 1 up to Master / Teacher level here at the Centre …click on this link for more information about the course on the link below. Contact her directly to book your Workshop or to discuss. More information on her website.

To book on these courses … contact her directly Karen Rome