Reflexology for Fertility, Pregnancy & Postnatal care


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Pre-conceptual care is all about preparing the body and mind for conception, growing and birthing a baby and both men and women are encouraged to have treatments to help regulate the menstrual cycle and to stimulate healthy sperm production.


During the nine months of pregnancy a woman’s body goes through enormous physical changes and for some women this can be a long period of discomfort and fatigue with nausea, headaches, backache and other conditions associated with pregnancy, which can often rob us of the joy and excitement of being pregnant and waiting for baby.

Sometimes women seek some if they go over their due dates and want to avoid a hospital induction. Reflexology helps to relax the body as well as the mind to alleviate anxiety and by working on certain points , this gently encourages the body to go into labour naturally. If it is time then labour may start after a day or so. Reflexology can also be extremely effective during the labour itself by helping to keep Mum focused and relaxed.


Mums may feel exhausted after the birth and life can be quite hectic compared to before. Some just sail through it all whereas others need a little more ” tender Loving care”. Loss of sleep, breastfeeding problems, frustration and fatigue etc. can all take its toll and Reflexology can be wonderful at this time to cope with some conditions during the postnatal period.

Therapists : Karen Rome  Kathy Kennedy