Reflexology and Thai Reflexology

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Specific points are worked on the feet to help release imbalances and blockages and free up the flow of energy throughout the whole body. It is ideal for maintaining health and dealing with stress related ailments as it is both relaxing and grounding.

Initial appointment is for 1 hour.

Therapists: Kathy Kennedy     Karen Rome




Thai reflexology is a holistic therapy, affecting the whole body through the feet. Application of pressure and special massage techniques onto particular areas of the feet using hands, fingers, thumbs, knuckles, and a rounded wooden stick with lotion or oil uses reflex actions to stimulated specific zones of the body. Thai reflexology is commonly used to restore balance in hormonal imbalances, treat IBS, PMS, migraine, fatigue and many other issues. It is useful in pain control and extremely relaxing. Blockages causing pain and discomfort are found in the feet and dispersed which provides relief to the whole body.

Therapist: Emily Blair

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