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Traditional Chinese Medicine has several branches, one of which is Chinese Herbal Medicine. In Chinese Herbal Medicine I mainly use concentrated herbal powders, all of which are from the plant kingdom and the suppliers have been approved by the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM).

During a consultation I will take a full case history, including the main reasons for attending. From this information I formulate the diagnosis in the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The diagnosis relates to the patterns of health and diesease that you are presenting and herbal prescriptions are made that aim to exactly match the diagnosis.

For example if a client presents with digestive problems with loose stools, heaviness of the limbs after an extensive time of studying, this will translate into a diagnosis of Spleen Qi (energy) Deficiency and herbs that tonify the Spleen will be prescribed. Often we tend to present with a bit more complicated health issues and the strength of TCM lies in being able to diagnose the often conflicting symptoms and the skill of the therapist lies in categorising the diagnosis from most relevant to least relevant.

You, as the client, are a complete human being and working with Chinese Herbs is a wonderful way of naming imbalances and attempting to balance strengths and weaknesses.

I prescribe Chinese Herbs in powder form as they are easy to take mixed with hot water wherever you are.

Chinese Herbs can be used to treat people with both acute and chronic conditions.

Initial appointment is for 1 hour, follow ups may be by phone/zoom up to 30 minutes face to face.

Therapist: Martin Julich

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