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The essential oils, extracted from aromatic plants, affect the oldest part of the brain called the limbic system which affects mood, memories and also the chemical messengers of the body. The oils reach the brain both by inhalation and via the skin and bloodstream during massage.

An aromatherapy massage combines the therapeutic action of the oils – which may be relaxing, calming & centring or refreshing, stimulating and energising – with the hands-on massage to aid circulation and lymph movement as well as releasing muscle tension. It is a very effective way of restoring vitality and balance to those worn down by stress and anxiety.

Therapists:  Kathy Kennedy    Karen Rome



Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Temple Nui Style massage is based on ancient Kahuna traditions using continuous flowing wave-like nurturing strokes. A healing and deeply relaxing massage that stimulates the natural flow of energy which can be slow and relaxing or faster and invigorating.

It is an intuitive massage using the forearms and heel of the hands in long flowing strokes which works towards the emotional/energetic sources of pain and stress to release the root causes and not just to alleviate symptoms. An experience that creates a sense of both emotional and physical well-being. Creates a sense of feeling more “connected” with your body.

The massage is available as a Back, Arms, Head and Face massage, as a Full Body massage with or without hot Lava Stones and as a Side-lying Massage / Pregnancy Massage. You can be covered with a sheet, coverings, bikini, thong or sarong … which ever is the most comfortable for you.

For more information about this type of massage, have a look at Karen Rome’s website

Therapist: Karen Rome

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