5 Rhythms™ Dance with Martin Jülich

This beautiful free-form of dancing was formulated and discovered by Gabrielle Roth, New York. The Rhythms are a map through the landscape of Life and Self.

We begin with the body, becoming aware of this amazing body of ours, re-connecting to our earthy Self, the Power of Being, we explore the perception of Power and our relationship to it and within that the Power of the Heart to know when to open and love and when to close and be safe, we explore what we integrate into ourselves from the teaching of others and society and what we wish to surrender, we find a feeling of Lightness, Freshness, Newness, and Playfulness, we fully realise and anchor ourselves and occasionally feel the vastness or emptiness of the Universe.

Dancing through the 5 Rhythms is a journey into ourselves.

For details about weekend workshops, evening classes, and other empowering opportunities, please contact Martin at dancefree.shiatsu@virgin.net

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